/MenDrawingWomen is an infamous subreddit in which a group of sexist puritans complain about drawings based solely on the fact that they’re drawn by men. They pretend that they are critizicing “bad anatomy” when in reality they show little to no knowledge of anatomy and simply conflate “the character is sexy” with “it has bad anatomy”, and then they generalize that suposed “bad anatomy” to all men simply because they’re men. Even worse, they often apply that criticism to drawings made by women, but they don’t even realize it and keep screeching at the suposed men who have made those drawings. This has made them become one of the laughingstocks of Reddit, and since i do “Chans” of fucking everything i said Why not.

I’ve uploaded to my patreon a video with the process of this drawing https://www.patreon.com/posts/47685779