It concludes again the anual Monster design contest. These have been the participants for this year with their descriptions in their original languages.

Concluye el concurso de diseño de Monstruos de este año. Estos han sido los participantes, con las descripciones en su idioma original.


-Rakkibe by Nick Birchett

Name: Rakkibe

Race: Slaz (incomplete: Amphithere)

Sex: F

Home: Potoka

Background: Rakkibe was one of the first Slaz born in Potoka and was seen as something of an ill omen when she was born an incomplete, however, her family hoped that she might still amount to something, giving her a warrior’s name hoping that their daughter might be able to channel a natural ferocity. Sadly for them while she was indeed modestly powerful, she was about as fierce and courageous as a field mouse.

Smart enough to recognize she was an unwanted embarrassment for her family and looked down on by the rest of the slaz she left her home young and signed up as an apprentice for a scrivener making money on the side selling ink pens made from her feathers and making copies of books. It was here that she discovered her love of books and the written word and sank nearly everything she had into buying books.

These days she has become modestly wealthy for being the owner of Potoka’s largest private library and providing her services as a record keeper, editor, and researcher. Despite this she remains cowardly, timid, and easily flustered.

Symbiose: Steal Breath- She pulls all nearby air in towards herself forming a wind wall while forcing the rest away from her forming a zone of vacuum around her the chokes out fire, boils water away, stops electricity, and proves fatal to most caught in the vacuum zone.

Trivia: She can fly fast and well, but refuses to go more than about a story or two up due to being afraid of heights.

She wears glasses but doesn’t need them. She just has a crush on the local optometrist.

She absolutely doesn’t have any bodies under her library! She absolutely didn’t accidently kill any salamanders because they scared her! They totally just left town!


-Leshen by Remco

Story: Leshen (nicknamed “Leshy” by some) is an incomplete born for humans who lives in a forest near Potoka. She was abandoned by her parents in the forest at a young age. When she was  almost killed by a monster she learned that she could mimic the sound that the monster uses to communicate. By researching monsters she learned what call she needs to mimic, in order to be friendly. After living in the forest for a while she learned allot about the monster that inhabit it. This caused her to get attached to monsters and wanting to live with them, take care of them and protect them. Leshen often helps wounded monsters. She buys medicine and equipment from stores in Potoka and makes money by taking gathering quests. Leshen has lived her whole live in the forest, so she knows where you can get rare items  and she doesn’t get attacked by the monsters so she does high level gathering quests with ease. Leshen is helpful of humans and humanoids who mean no harm to her forest and even makes tea for adventurers who come in her forest (she makes great tea).

Appearance: Leshen is a 142 year old woman. She is 7.4 feet tall and has white skin and with long green hair made of grass. She has human shaped teeth and blue eyes. Her arms are mostly made of wood and surrounded by thorns and her claws are made made of tree roots, which she can grow longer and shorter at will.

She has hooves that have long grass surrounding it and shins with made of wood. She also has visible green vains that grow leafs out of. Her most notable feature however are her massive antlers, that most of the time have a bird nest in them. She also doesn’t wear a top but wears a straw cape (mino) to cover her breasts. She also wears a straw skirt.

Personality: Leshen is a kind-hearted person. She helps anyone she can help and has no hatred towards any race. When a adventurer needs an item from the forest she gives it to them without a problem. That’s why Hunters  and adventurers always look for her when they need a rare item to upgrade armour. However Leshen walks very slow because she has to because of her antlers and while bringing them to the place of the item she always tells long stories about monsters and their way of living. Because of her slow voice this could get old soon. Leshen prefers being around monster over humans or humanoids. Believing herself to be a part of the forest. She dislikes the culture of Potoka where they hunt monsters for glory and respect and always tries to save monsters from hunters, not allowing hunting in her forest. Leshen is against any kind of killing, so killing something or someone is her last resort. When hunters go after a monster in her forest and she sees them she first tries to talk them out of it, even going so far as to try to bribe them with money or items, if that doesn’t work and they’re determined she will try to force them to flee or knock them out and bring them to the end of the forest. However if a Hunter attacks her she will defend herself and kill the Hunter (which happened multiple times) after that she brings the body of the Hunter to the gates of Potoka. Leshen respects some forms of human and humanoid culture like funeral and burials. Leshen also sometimes kills monsters who won’t listen to her. Sometimes monsters want to attack travelers and if she can’t stop them from doing it she won’t think twice about killing it. In Leshen’s mind, “monster, humans and humanoids are the same. Their are good ones and unfortunetly bad ones.”. When Leshen kills a monster however she (unlike with Hunters) leaves the body their to rot or to be eaten by other monsters. That is the culture of monsters, she believes. Even after she dies she wishes to be left in the forest to either rot or be eaten by monsters.

Abilities: Leshen most impressive ability is the ability to listen to the sounds of monsters and mimic them so that she can respond in the right matter (she can’t litterally talk to monsters however). She can mimic the sound that a monster makes to stand down, attack, come closer and warn them. This caused her to not be seen as an enemy by the monsters in her forest. Outside the forest however monsters still see her as danger or prey. She can also sing a humming song that attracts birds to her. Leshen can use her antlers to attack opponents. However she only does this against large monsters and groups of hunters because small monsters or lone hunters are fast enough to dodge it. Leshen is slow but very strong. Getting hit by her claws means death for most humans. She also regenerates and can grow back limbs. Though it takes longer, then with a salamander.

Symbiosis: Leshen’s element is earth. When she activates her Symbiosis, she places her hands on the ground and leads the roots and thorns through the ground. She then causes them to grow upwards, making a wall of barbed wire, that can separate opponents. Or when hit by it, it can kill them. To activate her Symbiosis she has to say “Borovoi!”.


– Leshen will not stop a monster predator from killing another monster prey. She believes that monsters kill for food and hunters kill for glory. Hunters could also eat the monster but because she’s a vegan she believes there are other ways for humans and humanoids to eat. However she is not fine with monsters eating people. Leshen believes that people shouldn’t kill monsters and monsters shouldn’t kill people if it’s not necessary. Although she does understand that predators need to eat meat.

– Leshen can sleep whenever she wants. She has no day and night cycle. Most of the times she stays awake for a week and sleep for a day.

– Leshen is actually a sort of Boogeyman in Potoka. Parents tell their childern not to go to the forest at night because the “forest spirit” will eat them. Leshen knows this and is fine with it because she knows that some monsters hunt at night, so if her stories keep childern saves, she’s fine with that. However if a child does get lost in the forest at night she’ll help them and bring them to their home.

– Leshen is a vegetarian. She eats whatever the forest gives her and has a cooking book with vegetarian recipes that she bought in Potoka. She also tries to convince other people to become vegan which annoys most of her guests.

– Leshen learned from an adventurer from Nion Pa how to make a straw cape (Mino). She wears one to not get cold from the rain.

– The reason Leshen talks slow is because she isn’t very good at the language of Robukan. Because she lives all her life in a forest she has only learned it from people who came in her forest, so in order to speak to people she has to translate it in her head. However after 142 years she’s pretty good at it. Though she does still talk slow.


-Gropu by Jose Maria Palacios



-Rolling Lizard by Valentino conti.

Rolling Lizard (also known as Tire Lizard

Description: The Rolling Lizard (or Tire Lizard) is a peculiar creature present in many areas of Robukan, especially big plains (though they can be find elsewhere). The Rolling Lizards are omnivorous reptilian creatures who possess a spiked, dark hide on their back, whose texture is similar to vulcanised rubber, and also small electrical glands on their sides, which can produce electricity and cause a localized but very strong electromagnetic field.

 Behaviour: Rolling Lizards, in their “resting” state, are placid, harmless creatures that just spend their time basking in the sun and eating. However, when they are spooked or in heat, they can roll up in a shape similar to a tire and start rolling using the electromagnetic fields produced by their glands to accellerate to high velocity. In this “active” state, they are extremely fast, capable of easily reaching speeds over 100 km/h, and are almost unstoppable. Males are usually faster than females, on account of racing against each other during mating season, with the fastest racers being chosen as the Alpha Male.

 Domestication: Some Robukan people use the Rolling Lizards as a way of transportation, attaching a few of them to a chariot and then spooking them. This is a very fast method of travel and the Rolling Lizard can also pull a LOT of weight, but at the same time it’s not very safe because there are literally no brakes: the Rolling Lizard will stop when they want to, and there is no way to encourage them to do so.

Also, some cities hold racing competition using these Rolling Lizard chariots as racers, and usually hold these races during the Rolling Lizard mating season.


-Iris by Diego Gutierrez

-Nombre del personaje :Iris

-Incompleta (Mezcla de escorpión y humana)


-Edad:aproximadamente 28

-Descripción:Iris es una incompleta nacida en Robukan. Ella cuenta con una cola capaz de perforar hasta el metal, debido a un potente veneno y sus pies también tienen una gran función práctica, ya que la permiten moverse rápida y sigilosamente al mismo tiempo,sin llamar la atención de los demás.

-Historia: Iris nació en Robukan, en una de las aldeas humanas, siendo su nacimiento una gran sorpresa para la mayoría de éstos. Por desgracia, su madre murió al dar a luz a su hermana menor, dejándolas a ambas bajo la tutela de su padre, dueño de la ciudad en la que se encontraban. Debido a conflictos con la ciudad por su forma, Iris acabó matando a su padre, ya que la intentó desterrar, pero tras él fue su hermana la que tomó el liderazgo, y condenó a Iris a muerte por ello (o al menos eso pensaba Iris). Iris, por tanto, fue sentenciada a ir a la isla de Lars a morir a manos de las criaturas que se encuentran en la isla, pero ella consiguó adaptarse y sobrevivir gracias a sus habilidades. A día de hoy ella es una más en la isla de Lars,vive de la caza de monstruos y usa todos los recursos que encuentra a su favor como huesos, hojas,cuerdas etc. Lleva un total de 7 años sola en la Isla,sin ninguna manera de salir.


Ráfaga:Iris cuenta con una ballesta en su brazo izquierdo, la cual usa su esencia para disparar flechas de luz rápidamente (éstas desaparecen a los segundos de impactar, pero el daño es el de una flecha normal)

Combo de 3:Iris cuenta con dos espadas creadas con los huesos de las criaturas de Lars,y siempre que puede ataca con ellas acabando con un pinchazo de su cola

Anestesia local: Iris puede usar su cola para pinchar a su rival y dejarle el cuerpo dormido durante una hora,el efecto es muy potente pero se puede anular con hierbas medicinales,como el veneno normal

-Personalidad: Iris es una chica muy curiosa,todo la llama la atención,pero sobre todo es luchadora,no se rinde con facilidad hasta que haya conseguido su objetivo.


-Gamusino by Javier Galindo


Sí, ahora, por fin, los cazadores en GA y MGoT podrán irse a cazar gamusinos. Pasamos a la descripción:

“El gamusino es una criatura esquiva, tímida, y muy sigilosa. Resulta extremadamente difícil de localizar, e incluso los rastreadores más expertos se enfrentarán a grandes dificultades para poder, simplemente, ver a un gamusino. Este bichillo es capaz de retorcerse con una flexibilidad pasmosa para adentrarse en los escondites más recónditos y estrechos, y además su pelaje puede mudar fácilmente y adaptarse a una coloración adecuada a su entorno.

Cuando una persona quiere demostrar que es un auténtico cazador, una prueba que suele hacerse es que salga a cazar gamusinos. No es fácil, pero si se sabe cómo, es posible atrapar gamusinos a montones. Suelen esconderse entre los matorrales y las piedras, pero se mueven muy rápido cuando el ojo no mira, así que lo más fácil es llevar un saco, y meter dentro todas las piedras que se pueda, para que así los gamusinos no puedan huir al apartar la mirada. Eso sí, cuidado con los agujeros que estos animales hacen en el saco para huir, o al arrastrar el saco de piedras de vuelta y abrirlo verás que dentro no queda ni uno, y la búsqueda ha sido en vano. Otro método es gritar su nombre con todas tus fuerzas, y el animal, tímido pero muy curioso, asomará un poco, lo suficiente para poder ver su cola y cazarlo (el nombre se le puso por la combinación de sonidos producidos por la voz que se vio que era la más adecuada para llamar su atención).

¿Pero de qué sirve cazar gamusinos? Pues porque su carne se considera un manjar absolutamente exquisito y delicioso, y además su pelaje se usa para ropajes de alta costura por su gran calidad.”

Y también (¿por qué no?), dado que es una criatura del folklore, he hecho su versión chica monstruo, por si la versión de monstruo normal no te convence.

“Gamusino es una chica muy tímida y vergonzosa, pequeña y timorata. Es raro verla, dado que se oculta con gran facilidad debido a su timidez. Su gran y mullida cola le sirve a este propósito, ya que es tan grande como el resto de su cuerpo, y puede cambiarla de color fácilmente (probablemente tiene en su cola cromatóforos como los de las sepias). Además, al ser tan grande y espesa, puede guardar muchas cosas dentro de ella, como una suerte de hammerspace.

En realidad a Gamusino le encantaría tener muchos amigos, pero es demasiado vergonzosa y resulta incapaz de iniciar una conversación o mantenerla.”


-Badalisc by Valentino conti

Name: Badalisc

Race: Incomplete

Gender: Female

Height: 1.52 m

Weight: 58 kg

 Backstory: An Incomplete orphan, Badalisc wasn’t actively persecuted for her difference, but she wasn’t really welcomed either, so her family moved to the edge of the village, where they were sadly attacked by a monster, leaving Badalisc an orphan. Not having anywhere else to go, Badalisc remained there, but she started following travellers around, spying and listening to everything she can. She mostly survived thanks to her powers to make vegetables grow.

 Personality: Badalisc would like to be a mischievous, mysterious trickster, but she’s far too clumsy and socially awkward to manage that. Not only that, but she is rather gullible and easily tricked herself. Apart from that, she is very friendly and a HUGE gossip. She has a motor mouth and want to know everything about everyone, and she has a surprisingly good memory (she pretty much remembers everything).

 Powers: Badalisc has some rather weak Earth symbiosis that allow her to grow vegetables at a surprising speed. She used this skill to survive in the wilderness on her own.


 The tree-stump she’s inside of is actually part of her. She can’t remove it, but she’s surprisingly agile inside of it. She can retreat inside of it like a tortoise.

 The Badalisc is a creature from Italian Folklore, a trickster creature that is however friendly once captured (and it’s captured rather easily).


-Viella by Ben


Race: Centipede/Oomukade


she is 7 feet(215cm) tall

Total length is 50 feet (15m)

Black hair,  black tail , yellow with little red legs and belly of tail


Personality:bright , gentle, refinement, hates “Weight issue”  Good at observing

Alignment :  Neutral good

JOB: Bartender/Mixer /Intelligence trader

Background :

1.she runs a small bar, a few people know there, this bar actually sells intelligence which include everything. Most of it talk about monsters

2.She was a elite hunter, her six hand fighting skill, the pincer on  her strong heavy tail tip and toxic fang hiding in her mouth kills many monsters.

3.If your are her friend, she will offer special six arms massage!



The second prize for this years has been:

El segundo premio este año es para:

-Rakkibe by Nick Birchett

And the first prize goes to:

Y el primero va para:

-Rolling Lizard by Valentino conti

Those are the ones i liked the most for either originality, fidelity to the setting or humor. Best of luck next year for the rest. i’ll contact the winners for their prizes.

Esos son los que mas me gustaron bien por originalidad, fidelidad al trasfondo o humor. Buena suerte el proximo año al resto. Contactare a los ganadores por sus premios.