Some years ago i did a Comic experiment in which readers would decide each panel of the comic by giving ideas and casting votes. It ran for four pages till i finished. It was as ridiculous as it sounds. You can read the results here.

Now that i have a lot more followers i would like to try it again and see where that goes. So i’ve drawn a panel, and you can give ideas for what they will do next. Of those i will pick the 4 most interesting/most liked and make a twitter vote, then draw it. Rinse and repeat.

I did a vote to decide who would be the protagonist this time, and Silica and Succubus got into a tie, so i guess Silica will have a partner this time. Although really that’s for you to decide, you can completely cast aside one of them from the start. I’m already doing a million projects so this will be something i’ll do very once in a while.

With that said, write your ideas for the next panel.