To finish off the “day of drawing Helltaker stuff”, my Succubus-chan as a Helltaker dweller. Like so many other things, if i had the time to learn how to work visual novel makers or rpg maker i could make a short game with my Monster girls. Working at a game creation has always been something i’m interested to do. In fact time ago i was the artist for an indie game about monster girls in ww2, but the programmers dissapeared. So since i don’t have the time, you have Succubus stuff.

Para acabar con el “dia de dibujar cosas de Helltaker”, mi Succubus-chan como una miembro de Helltaker. Como tantas cosas, si tuviese tiempo de aprender como funcionan los visual novel makers o rpg maker haría un juego corto con mis chicas monstruo. Pero como no lo tengo, os conformáis con Succubus-chan.