We have had another good batch of participants for the contest this year. I guess people had time with the quarantine. As always, there was a number of people who didn’t read the setting ad probably even the rules, and simply sent some Oc they had. Fortunately those are easy to catch and won’t be winning any prize. These have been the participants this year:

Tenemos otra buena tanda de participantes esta año, quizá por la cuarentena. Como siempre ha habido un cierto numero de gente que no ha leído sobre el trasfondo y probablemente ni las reglas, y solo han mandado algún Oc que tenían por casa. Por fortuna son fáciles de ver y no ganarán premio. Estos son los participantes este año:

Essence parasite, by Aaadada

These revolting creatures are, without a doubt, not part of the natural order. It is highly improbable that any creature could have evolved to such a twisted and distorted form, but worst of all, to feed of the Essence.

Their physiology is as follows: they have a crooked body that bents and contorts with agility, crawling across the ground. Many of its limbs are tentacles that can grab with an insanely strong grip. Its two front limbs have equally crooked claws whose wounds, because of their irregular shapes, are difficult to heal; and they have a third claw, with a shorter reach, but that can heavy hit.

They are terrifying predators. Not because of their vigilant eyes: they have no eyes. But they have a sense of smell so fine that they can smell the very Essence of which they feed. They are terrible because they attack and feed of the Essence of their preys until they’re dry, which is almost as cheating evolutionary speaking because the stronger an opponent has become strong thanks to its raw Essence power and control of Essence, the more vulnerable they are to the attacks of these parasites. They can even feed of the very attacks directed towards them: the stronger the attack towards them, like an elemental breath or a hunter’s symbiosis, the more they’ll absorb and more difficult to fight afterwards.

They usually lurk in places and grounds where Essence is abundant. It is said that they were created perhaps because of the misuse of experiments involving the Essence, or maybe they were corrupted from the original crature as a side effect. Either way, anything and anyone that has some form of connection to the Essence should try to avoid them at all costs.


Ashina, by Remco

Story: Ashina is an Incomplete born form a master salamander. Immediately after being born her mother was dissapointed with her. She was small, she didn’t have scales, she couldn’t regenerate and had lighting element instead of fire. At age 2 her mother chose to leave her for death in the forest of Nion pa. She was found by a bandit group and was trained relentlessly by the bandits and the bandit leader. Together with her new bandit group she robbed and killed people to stay alive. After 10 years of living with the bandit group she killed the bandit leader in his sleep and ratted out the rest of the  bandit group to get the bounty that was on their head. After that she bought herself equipment and became an assassin. She sometimes travels days or weeks around Robukan for a  contract but she always returns to Nion pa because of the sake. Ashina almost never failed a contract and that gave her a fears reputation in Nion pa.

Appearance: Ashina is a 24 year old ape like Incomplete. She has pale white skin and red eyes. She also has white fur around her arms, legs, neck and on her head and is filled with scars. Her biggest scar goes through her eye, until the back of her skull. Her weapon of choice is a long sword. Her armour consists of leather around her chest and waist. She also sometimes wears a straw hat.

 Personality: Ashina is a cheerful but selfish person. She has a dark sense of humour, often telling offensive jokes and laughing at people getting hurt. She doesn’t take many things seriously, not even caring about her own live. What she does take seriously is her reputation as an assassin, willing to take any contract for the right price to keep her fears reputation. Ashina has no pride when it comes to finishing a contract (sometimes poisoning her target) but she does prefer to fight her target for her own fun.

Powers: Ashina is faster and more agile then a salamander but she has less physical stength and has less defense then them. She can climb really fast with her feet and uses them to hold her sword. Ashina is a superior fighter in a forest or jungle as she can use her speed to quickly climb up and through the trees and surprise her opponent from any side (she can even beat opponents stronger then her this way). She can’t regenerate but that doesn’t stop her from being careless and overconfident in a fight. She often doesn’t take an opponent seriously even if they’re stronger then her and even mocks them during a fight. Sometimes pretending to fall asleep or insulting them. This often leads her to get badly hurt in a fight (in fact most of her scars are a result of her being cocky).


Name: Baba Yaga, by Valentino conti

Race: Incomplete (Baba Yaga)

Height: 3,2 m

Weight: 77 kg

Personality: Sardonic, condescending and brutally honest, with a rather twisted sense of humor. Baba Yaga has no patience for fools, often resorting to hit them on the head with her staff when they say something particularly idiotic, and has a penchant for using scathing insults towards pretty much everyone. She is also greatly amused by other people’s discomfort, and she openly trolls everyone she meets with riddles and scary behaviour. However, while her words are harsh, her actions are much more generous, and she can be really helpful towards those in need. Also, her insults often hide honest advices.

Powers: Baba Yaga is really not that useful in combat. Since she has only one leg, she is rather clumsy and has to use a long staff as a crutch. She is, however, a really great doctor and herbalist, and her concoctions are great for keeping people healthy and curing ailments. She tends to make absolutely disgusting potions, often using monster body parts, which are very effective medicines.

History: Baba Yaga has been an outcast almost all of her life, being barely tolerated because she is an Incomplete. She isolated herself as a result, living mostly in the wilderness and occasionally working as a healer.


Dracobullet, by Valentino conti

Dracobullets are a peculiar breed of reptilian beasts that live in rocky terrains, especially near volcanoes where they can find sulfur (which they consume). They possess a very hard shell and, most peculiarly, their cloaca has evolved into some sort of combustion chamber, from which they can send exhaust firey explosions which they can use to propel themselves like bullets. They are rather small, with the average adult reaching only 30 cm lenght from head to tail, and their shell rarely getting more than 40-50 cm long. They are, however, very, very aggressive and territorial, and also suicidally brave. Whenever an intruder enters their territory, they start launching themselves at it like bullets, trying to pierce it with their shells. Since the dracobullets live in huge colonies (called “gatlings”) they have a LOT of “ammo”, and even stronger and more dangerous beasts usually avoid Dracobullet territory.


Name: Kurma

Race: Incomplete (Kurma)

Height: 1,68 m

Weight: 300 kg

Personality: Calm, seraphic, stubborn and patient. Kurma’s personality can be compared to a mountain: rock solid and passive, but also utterly impossible to move. Kurma is peculiar in the violent world of Robukan because she is an actual pacifist and she promote non-violence and spiritual understanding between everyone. Due to her views and stubborness she has a “holier-than-thou” attitude towards those who live off violence (hunters, soldiers, etc), and she also appear a tad hypocritical, since not many people share her toughness and can afford practicing pacifism (she can retreat inside her shell if anything bad is about to happen). Apart from this, however, Kurma is very, very, very patient and helpful.

Kurma is often practicing yoga and meditation, and she speaks very, very slowly. (for example, to introduce herself she would say: “Hello…my name… is… Kurma. It is… nice… to… meet you.”)

Powers: Kurma mainly has just one power, her incredible toughness. If she retreats inside of her shell, there are very few things in Robukan capable of harming her. However, Kurma herself is a pacifist, and besides she is so slow that she is pathetically useless in battle.

History: Kurma comes from Nion Pa or some neighbouring country, andshe is very spiritual and pious. She is an orphan that was raised in a temple, though she decided to travel to teach people about inner peace and stuff like that.

Notes: Kurma has a very, very, VERY generous buxom (this is a reference to the “turtle that carry the world” legend). You could probably get lost in there.


Nick: Shade, by Unterwomc

Real Name: Bonnie

Race: Arachne https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Arachne

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Height: 1,70 cm

occupation: Bounty hunter


Lost in some distant forest, Bonnie was picked up and taken over by a former mercenary who, a year later, retired to buy a new ranch plot where Bonnie learned to take care of the cattle while his adoptive father taught him how to handle weapons and survival skills when when his father was injured in his 40 ages of forty, in addition to an accumulation of debts. Bonnie decided on her own and without consulting her tutor to become a bounty hunter to bring money to the ranch


Bonnie would be considered an anomaly in nature either by a mutation or the crossing of her congeners has a body of too humanoid for what it would have that being an arachne almost her whole body could pass for a normal girl if weren’t for the many extra quintine-coated members of his body and her 4 eyes, also Bonnie breast they are much larger than they appear, when puberty hit her, her breasts became enormous to the point that she wove a corset with her own cobwebs to go unnoticed and that the children did not make fun of her


  • He tries to appear rude,cool due to the environment in which he was raised (although something always goes wrong)
  • serious, irascible easily tease her
  • Great adoration towards his tutor, maybe too much, maybe that’s why he has developed a taste for mature men.


Three Revolvers: Smith Wesson Model K-22

Lasso : rope or cobweb

Wood axe: to make bonfires

hunting knife:

Shotgun: chiappa model 1667 


Arachne skills:own skills that a Arachne might have strength, climbing, cobwebs…

Good mercenary:in many types of weapons including lassos

Aim: excellent(An idea for the first time this character is presented is to see her in a bet shooting a can in the air several times even being able to strain a bullet in the previous hole by the previous bullet one produced)

Speed Reflexes:thanks to its multiple arms and coordination you can recharge she revolvers while shooting turning it into a unique gunslinger being able to shoot continuously until ammunition runs out, (granaider style) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIOxsYDHWGc

Doraemon pocket cleavage:Due to the bust size it has she usually uses it as a warehouse, turning her into an arsenal with legs, there is so much space that even his survival ax can store

Gags of the character

She has a cute name that she hates only allows her adoptive father to call her that

She is bad unlucky (example the first time she meets the protagonist she tries to make a cool appearance, but then a bird shits on him)

It has very little tolerance to get drunk easily even with caffeine (for its part spider)


  • -Nombre del personaje :Kaddy, por Diegobot
  • -Especie:Golem de energía
  • -Edad:Desconocida
  • -Descripción:Kaddy es un Golem de energía con un cuerpo extramadamente duro y resistente (su tacto en realidad es suave y parece bastante frágil),aún así tiene debilidades como es el caso de las altas temperaturas y tiene miedo a las alturas.
  • -Habilidad:Colera-Cuando Kaddy se enfada,si consigue agarrar a su oponente es capaz de alterar la electricidad de su cuerpo dejando inmóvil .Está habilidad solo puede ser usada 2 veces por día,si se hace alguna vez demás,Kaddy se queda muy cansada y pierde mucho rendimiento en combate
  • -Ira del titán:Kaddy puede cargar uno de sus puños para pegar con más fuerza con el.Cuantos más golpes de seguidos,mas daño hará.
  • -Personalidad:Para Kaddy todo lo que está viendo es nuevo,ya que se acaba de despertar en Robukan debido a una gran pelea que tuvo nada más ser creada.Kaddy siempre está en una actitud positiva y se preocupa por los demás,intenta que la violencia sea la última opción,pero si se siente en peligro,o alguien cercano suyo lo está,se pone en modo defensa y su cuerpo entero se prepara para el combate,convirtiendo su propio pelo en un casco.
  • A Kaddy se la puede destruir el cuerpo todas las veces que se quiera,mientras la esfera central siga intacta,ella sigue viva,pero tarda bastante en regenerar su cuerpo.
  • Kaddy una vez que pelea contra a alguien,se le queda guardada toda la información de ese ser contra el que ha peleado,siendo más o menos un Wikipedia andante,por lo que puede ser de gran ayuda para cualquiera.
  • Por cierto,Kaddy es demasiado inocente en temas sexuales ,por lo que no entiende las referencias sexuales ni nada por el estilo.


Emmie, by Nasu Amaya

Emmie, she accepts followers of all types, both willing and “needing of encouragement” 11 eyes really help in learning things such as public speaking, persuasion tactics, and hypnotism techniques. Her main work in recent years has been sending members of her following out into the world for any possible records, rumors, or information no matter how speculative on incompletes, and the “divine” source of their unique gifts.


Poncodedos, by Jose maría palacios


Rakadom, by Jose maría palacios


Living armor girl, by Gregory

i based her on three characters from the monster girl encylopedia. the hunted armor give the wearer more power but takes their life force just to use it.



Wagrerxei, by Cisnielco

Ésta criatura es un Wagrerxei, un cuadrúpedo de características extrañas. Al principio se pensaba que era de elemento rayo debido a las descargas eléctricas que emitían las espinas de su espalda, pero posteriores investigaciones dieron como resultado que no poseían elemento propio, era robado de sus presas. Otra investigación dio a entender que descienden de un ancestro común al de los Slaz y las Salamandras, pueden estar relacionados.

El Wagrerxei es omnívoro, teniendo la mandíbula exterior llena de dientes herbívoros mientras que la interior está repleta de colmillos de carnívoro. Su dieta consiste en plantas venenosas, hongos y criaturas no más grandes que un Saberage, su presa principal. Al consumir la esencia de una criatura fuerte en un elemento, el Wagrerxei puede usar dicho elemento, ganando ventaja táctica. (Hay leyendas que cuentan la existencia de uno de ellos que puede usar TODOS los elementos. No hay que tomárselas en serio, son sólo mitos, como los de los Ladrones de Huesos, {Risas}).

Debido a que es propio de zonas cálidas, y de su sangre fría, su debilidad elemental es el hielo, salvo que consuma el elemento de una criatura de hielo, que le costará debido a que le hará daño consumirlo.

Las hembras miden el doble que los machos, y la proporción de la manada es de siete machos por cada hembra. En épocas de apareamiento, los machos se ofrecen a la hembra, quien engulle al elegido y éste procederá a fecundarla desde dentro. Pocos machos han vuelto a salir una vez cumplida su misión.

Se recomienda cautela, son muy sigilosos y astutos, pudiendo imitar la voz de cualquier cazador para guiar a su presa a una trampa y rodearla. También pueden soltar un líquido caliente y apestoso en la glándula tubular que tienen sobre el hocico, que puede quemar la piel y atrofiar el olfato de cualquier criatura. (¿Mordisco venenoso también? Requerimos más investigación.)


Orthros, por Javier galindo

Orthros es una chica… bueno, en realidad son unas chicas… eeeeh, en fin, dejémoslo en que Orthros es el nombre que reciben las dos mitades de esta criatura. Posee dos torsos humanos unidos a un solo cuerpo de perro, aunque curiosamente su cuerpo de perro posee dos colas. Orthros no podría ser una chica más oximorónica ni aunque lo intentase con todas sus fuerzas: cada una de sus dos mitades tiene una personalidad diametralmente opuesta a la otra. Donde una es alegre, la otra es taciturna; donde la una es racional, la otra es emotiva; si una es fiestera, la otra es estoica; a una le gusta la tortilla con cebolla y a otra sin cebolla… En fin, que sus carácteres son como los polos de un imán.

Hay algunas cosas en las que sí se ponen de acuerdo. Por ejemplo, ambas prefieren ser llamadas Orthros en conjunto, en vez de que las diferencien simplemente en “la de la izquierda y la de la derecha”. Y también ambas son leales para con quienes se lo han ganado, como el animal que les da origen.

Orthros por lo general no suele tener un trabajo fijo, y va por ahí haciendo todo tipo de tareas en las que no dura mucho. Esto es porque debido a que sus dos mitades son tan opuestas, una no consigue hacer bien el trabajo que la otra estaba realizando perfectamente: si trabaja de guardia, la estoica vigila atenta mientras que la emocional se distrae con algo que le llama la atención; si trabaja de cuidadora infantil, una se divierte jugando con los niños mientras que otra no puede aguantarlos, etc.

Por cierto, ambas tienen el mejor olfato de todo Robukán. No hay rastro que olviden o se les escape.

So, finally, the winners. For the second place we have:

Y los ganadores. El segundo premio es:

Essence parasite, by Aaadada

And first prize goes to – Y el primer para:

Dracobullet, by Valentino conti

Thanks everyone for participating; i’ll contact the winners for their prizes, and these monster will be introduced in the setting at some point. This year i’ll make the Monster girls fanart contest around september or so, so stay tuned to participate.

Gracias a todos por participar; contactaré a los ganadores, y los monstruos entrarán al comic en algún momento. Este año haré el concurso de fanart de Monster girls sobre septiembre, así que estad atentos para participar.