Writting this to let you know; the Jetpack plugin, which is one of the most important add-ons for wordpress sites to work, is going to cease support for mobile in march. Since i was using it to fix my website’s layout for mobile, that means my site will be unsupported for mobile viewing. Their excuse is that “it’s 2020, so surely all themes are already prepared fo mobile”. Well think again you son of a bitch, cause i have to use Comic easel to be able to publish my webcomic, and that’s a theme done by, like, one person with no other features than being able to publish comic, and it surely don’t have mobile support.

So i’ve wasted the entire day trying to find a way to prepare my site for mobile, to no avail. Every single plugin i’ve tried fucks up the layout way more than simply doing nothing, and i’ve tried about a dozen. So right now the site is unsupported for mobile, and there’s no hint that it will be in the future.

This surely means i’m going to lose a ton of readers who watch my site with mobile, and i can’t think of a way to stop it. The site is not “impossible” to read, it just appears as a desktop site and you have to zoom out to see the image entirely. And then zoom in if you want to click in the menu cause it will show too small. Maybe for people who just want to see the latest page or one drawing it will not be an issue. But makes the site a complete pain in the ass to navigate, and reading the entire comic in mobile is just a no no.

Fucking wordpress, i hate the thing with a passion.