Since people liked Vivian James and Lilian versions as 5 years older, i’m doing more versions of old Gamergate characters as if 5 years had passed for them as well, like one for Taytweets, and one for Freya, the mascot of Deepfreeze. Now’s the turn of Gilda Mars, who has had her growth spurt. There’s also a nude variant for patreon supporters.
I think i’ve finished with all of the Gamergate related characters, save maybe Nati Ursi (Notyourshield), unless you remember any other.
Como a la gente le gustaron las versiones de Vivian james y Lilian 5 años mayores, estoy haciendo algún otro dibujo de viejos personajes de Gamergate como si hubieran pasado 5 años para ellas también, como una de Taytweets, y Freya, la mascota de Deepfreeze. Ahora le toca a Gilda Mars, que ha pegado el estirón. También con variante desnuda en patreon.