(Versión española)

Another page of the Spanish political parties as schoolgirls; in this case we have again the maleability of the Ciudadanos party, who said they were never, ever, gonna make a pact with Psoe, and now they’re making a pact with psoe. As a consecuence, Podemos has gotten jealous and done their own internal referendum to ask their base if Psoe should make a pact with them or Ciudadanos, and then decided to veto Ciudadanos from party conversations, while Izquierda unida says if any party isn’t at the table, they go home.

I kinda got the urge to draw the spanish political parties as anime schoolgirls, because all the stupid stuff they do can be done as a school slice of life. I made some sketches, people gave opinions, and well, i’ve ended doing some pages. Earlier pages can be found here. It’ll not be a regular series, i’ll just do one of these if i see them do someting stupid that could be done as school life. If you’re not spanish you probably will not understand the jokes, but then again, this wasn’t made for you 🙂

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