I wasn’t too happy with the old “Monster girls on tour” cover cause the title couldn’t be seen very well and it had too many characters. It took me a lot of time to draw because of that, and it’ll work well as backcover when you already know the characters, but for a cover it was too much, so i’ve done this one. I may still touch some things depending on feedback, so let me know your opinions and i’ll update it in the comic soon. And maybe now i’ll finally have time to continue the Space spin off.

No estaba muy contento con la antigua portada de “Monster girls on tour” porque el titulo no se leía muy bien y había demasiados personajes. Precisamente por eso me tomo mucho tiempo dibujar, y funciona bien como contraportada cuando ya conoces los personajes, pero como portada era demasiado, así que he hecho esta.