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I wasn’t really interested in the Pokemon Sword & Shield thing, but over time i’ve noticed several porn artists have been attacked for drawing these characters, under accusations of “pedophilia”, because on-setting they are supposedly like 11 or 12. The thing is, looking at the designs, you would never think that. That’s the number Nintendo has put on their ID because the target audience of Pokemon is around that age, but the character designs are way more adult. They’re not as adult as other anime designs, but they’re very likely around 16-17, and there’s absolutelly no way anyone would confuse them for little underdeveloped children. And even less in the way that porn artists portray them, with bodies a lot more sexualized than the originals. There’s no way that a pedophile would be be atracted to something like this, nor anyone would ever confuse it for someone who hasn’t hit puberty. That’s just the way anime designs work. The same design could be atributed to a range from 12 to 28 years and no one would doubt it very much. I even do a Trivia at conventions in which i show images of anime characters and they have to guess their age. They fail about 99% of time.

So half to make a point about this, half because people have asked me to draw this girl, i decided to make an adult version of the characters. But the thing is, the only way you “know” they’re adult is because they say they’re 18. As this is an anime design, i could at any point say they’re 25, or 13. Would it switch from totally valid to pedophilia if i now say i lied and they’re 11? and if Nintendo suddenly says they changed their mind and the characters are 19? To summarize my point: Pedophilia is the atraction to underdeveloped bodies, not to a number writen in an ID. If a character is drawn with a completelly adult body that could be found sexy by any normal person, the number that the creators have slapped in the ID doesn’t really mean much. And of course i’m gonna be called a pedo for this, but who cares; “pedophile” is kinda becoming the new overused accusation that is thrown around to shut up people. Until it loses it’s meaning, like all other.

Also don’t pay too much atenttion to the scottish i used; i have no idea of scottish so i did what i could.