Some info about Monster girls on Space tour. First off, it seems that will finally be the name, since it’s the best thing i can think of. I want the name to have a ring similar to “on tour” to create a leit motiv among all the stuff i do related to the monster girls. I already had the hentai comic called “Monster girls on hentai” and i may use the same kind of name if i do other derivative works in the future. So unless i can come up with something better soon, that’s the name.

Secondly, i’ve finished the “name” sketch for the entire script, and it’s 63 pages long, not counting cover and back cover. I know i’ll be able to reduce that number once i’m on it, cause i always do, but overal it’ll be about 60 pages long. That means that if i do one page a week (which is unlikely) it’ll be done in one year and two months. Idealy, i would prefer to have it all done for November, because that’s when i usually release my anual pdf special adventures, but it may not be possible because i’m always busy and it’s too much work. In any case, don’t expect this any time soon, cause it may come out even as late as half of next year, and no sooner than November.

Good news is that is lit. It’s bad i say so myself, but i think it’ll be my best work. It’ll obviously not have as much worldbuilding and character development as my longer works, but considering it’s a 60 page one-shot i think it’ll do a very good job at stablishing setting and characters and creating an auto conclusive story. Don’t expect it to be just Robukan in space. It’ll be the kind of work that has the same motivs and references everywhere, but changes everything from tip to toe. The setting and lore are different, same terms will be used with different definitions, some characters will have somehow different personalities, because part of them is shapped by experience, etc.

Because of that, i’m not sure yet how i’ll publish it. My intention is to publish it free, but i don’t know if to put it on a different comic folder or add it as a part of Monster girls on tour. I probably could only do that if i publish it when a chapter has finished, and i make very clear that it has no relationship with the original story. Or maybe that would confuse people. But at the same time if i put it on a different folder, maybe people will not read it (sinde it doesn’t update) and i would have worked a year for nothing.

Decissions, decissions.

Btw some characters have minor roles or appear just as cameos in the background, but that means that if you win this year’s monster design contest, your monster could also appear in this one-shot. So try your luck!