Well, my computer died and they told it was gona take like a week, but today they took a quick look just to see what the problem was, and it was an easy fix so they did it on the spot. Some malware creating a conflict in registry.

I spent the entire thursday in Tony stark mode trying to find a way to afix my Cintiq tablet to an old laptop for nothing XD. At a point my room looked like a crazy doc lab. I transformed my Tablet from DVI into vga mode only to be able to use a VGA to HDMI converter and fix it to the laptop. I spent the other half of the day trying to install a trial version of Clip studio and configure it and the tablet while they deconfigured themselves very half an hour :p.

In any case, trying to configure the program i did a drawing of a Succubus i’m gonna play at a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, and some of the forms she’ll adopt.

Mi pc murió y me dijeron que iba a tardar como una semana, pero hoy dieron una mirada rápida para ver cual era el problema y era tan simple que lo arreglaron ahí mismo. Un malware tocando el registro. Me pase el jueves entero en modo Tony stark tratando de conectar mi tableta cintiq a un portatil antiguo. Transforme la tablet de dvi a vga solo para poder usar un conversos vga a hdmi xD. El resto del día trate de instalar una versión de prueba de clip studio y configurar eso y la tablet, mientras se desconfiguraban cada media hora :p

En cualquier caso, tratando de configurarlos dibuje una Succubo que jugare en una campaña de Dungeons & dragons.