4 years since, for the first time, fans of a hobby decided to take a stand against the censorship in videogames, lack of ethics in games journalism, and use of videogames for ideological propaganda in spite of quality. At the time, the media colluded to create a false narrative by which those fans were just a small group of woman-haters and racists and homophobes whose objective was to kick lgbt, women and minorities out of gaming, despite the huge quantity of women, lgbt, and minorities in said group of fans; as was proved with the hashtag Notyourshield.

Unfortunatelly, that narrative stuck, and as GG was branded as practically the new KKK and used as boogyman for everything wrong that happened in the world by the media and social justice warriors, they managed to get a hold in entertainment media like videogames, comics, etc. Now, 4 years later, they think they’ve won, and are surprised why Gamergate still exists (even when most of the time is them who mention it again and again in their articles). Well, that’s because, as i talked about in another article, Gamergate won. Gamergate won because it managed to cast light into the problem and served as Ground zero for people to see how the media construct their narrative. After Gamergate happened, SJWs began to anger people in all kind of entertainment media, and that people saw the tactics that where used against them, calling them sexist, racist, nazi, etc, and recognized the pattern as it was used against Gamergate.

The conclusion is that now is not just Gamergate, but a whole huge amount of people from all kind of hobbies who are fed up with the shit of the recent years invading them and fucking shit up. Gamergate as an independent movement isn’t what it is in its first two years, and it could as well just dissapear as a gaming movement, but not because it failed; because now EVERYONE shares Gamergate sentiments in all aspects of life, and GG is just one in a miriad of movements or simply individuals who are starting to push against this pervasive ideologies, simply serving as a watchdog for what happens in the gaming world.

Most of the entertainment products that have been invaded and changed by social justice and the regressive media have ended up failing miserably; Star wars movies tanking for the first time in history, a Ghostbusters movie tanking, western videogames have completelly lost the battle against Japanese games, the media is a complete laughing stock with all time low trust, the gaming media is used just for memes and jokes about how bad they are, etc etc; because that’s what happens when you put skin color over quality, when you try to do a super “diverse” product at the expense of the product been actually good. People have realized that and now is recognizing the early signs of a product been shit because of this mentality, so now there’s a backlash everytime SJWs try to fuck something else. Who will win this cultural battle, we’ll see, but if these people keep thinking that their opposition is just a small bunch of people that they can defeat by misrepresenting and insulting, they’re gonna have a big fucking surprise when everything they do will lose money till bankrupcy.