Out of curiosity, i did a Political test compass, but i answered as if i was K’sara or Europa, to see where they would stand politically. Of course it’s not exactly accurate because the political situation and setting are too different. There are circumstances on Robukan that make much more logical to believe in certain ideas than in our world, like race differences; religion is not even an issue in Robukan, and there are things that can’t even be applied, like abortion, but well, at least it can give an overall idea.

So first, K’sara seem to be kind of a Libertarian. No surprises there, really. K’sara’s “politics” are basically just to do whatever she wants and let everyone do whatever she wants. She believes in the superiority of the salamander race, but again, it’s a different context, because in Robukan, salamanders ARE objectivelly the superior race, and aside of that she doesn’t hold racist views. She believes in personal responsibility and success, meaning she’s probably in favor of capitalism as a system where you can get rich if you’re good enough. Homosexuality was a more complex topic, because she is a lesbian, but salamander views on homosexuality are a little particular, since their instincts are very strong and influence them to have children with strong men, but i don’t want to dwell into that now because i haven’t showed it yet on the comic. All in due time.


Europa is on the left side, no surprises there, but i think it’s not that correct on the liberal side, and she would really be more authoritarian. Europa is kinda a low level Social justice warrior. She’s not as crazy as what we can find on tumblr, but if she lived today she would be the typical sjw you can find on twitter. She believes races other than humans are opressed, so she would think races other than whites are opressed. Again it’s not the same thing because in Robukan there ARE some humans who opress (the empire), but there are also races like salamanders or arachness who are objectivelly agressive and dangerous, and Europa is kind of blind to that in the same way today’s SJW would ignore any nuance in any problem and just blame it on racism. In Robukan there are no feminism because there are really not much of a sexism problem and this kind of movements never formed, but she would be in real life, and she would be the kind that thinks certain things on media shouldn’t be allowed, or should be censored because she would believe are “problematic”. Again, she wouldn’t be like a crazy tumblerite, but those factors alone would put her much more higher on the authoritarian side. In fact i think Europa is more authoritarian than K’sara.

I haven’t done test for TicTic and DunDun because they would basically just be Dumb leaning.

This is my oen political test if you’re interested