I did a panel about Censorship in video games at the Oversant convention, and i’ve added english subtitles so it can be understandable outside Spain.

The subtitles are not a literal transcription; i use a lot of spanish coloquialisms when i speak and it would be a nightmare to both write them and understand them, so i’ve simplified what i mean in each dialogue. Also the acustics of the place were very weird and many times even i couldn’t understand what i was saying, so i’ve had to use memory and guessing. Aside of that, English is not my first language, so there are probably mistakes.

Regarding the panel itself, the audio as i said is bad, and the image was bad too but i’ve fixed them a little with edition. Reviewing the speech there are things i could have done better; this panel was really created about 2 years ago for another convention, and i decided to recicle it with some new adittions for a newer convention, so there are some of the cases and games that i didn’t remember very well, and it doesn’t help that i haven’t play many of those games. There are also some parts i could have explained better, like the “disassociation” thing, which listening to it now i think can be misunderstood, but there was no time to expand myself. There are also some stuff that i forgot to talk about; some of it i remembered in the Q&A part, and others i didn’t.

I’ve been careful to mantain it more or less neutral. I don’t mention any ideologies involved in those censorships; i don’t talk about feminism, social justice warriors, Gamergate, etc, i just presents happenings. This is the convention at which i did the panel https://estelaoctarina.wixsite.com/oversant

Aside of that, you may notice that many times the audience talks and i don’t react; that’s because i couldn’t hear them. As i mentioned, the acustics of the place were weird, and while the camera is picking their voices (since the camera was close to the audience) i either didn’t hear them or if i did i couldn’t understand them very well, so sometimes it looks as if i’m just ignoring them.

Charla sobre Censura en los video juegos impartida en la convención Oversant.

El audio es bastante malo y a veces ni yo mismo entiendo lo que estaba diciendo. He editado tanto audio como video para que se oiga y vea mejor pero no lo puedo arreglar mucho más. Si sabéis ingles podéis ayudaros con los subtitulos. Revisando el video hay cosas de la charla que podría haber hecho mejor. La charla la cree hace unos dos años, y la recicle con cosas nuevas para Oversant, así que hay casos y juegos que no recordaba bien, y no ayuda que muchos de los juegos no los he jugado. Algunas cosas las podría haber explicado mejor, como lo de la desasociación, que se puede malentender, pero tampoco tenía tiempo. A veces parece que estoy ignorando al publico, pero en realidad es que no les oía por la acustica del sitio.

La cámara recoge sus comentarios porque estaba cerca de ellos, pero yo o no les oía hablar o si lo hacía no entendía muy bien que decían. He tenido cuidado de mantenerlo mayormente neutral; no menciono ideologías concretas que han causado esas censuras; no menciono feminismo, justicieros sociales o Gamergate, solo presento cosas que han pasado.

Esta es la convención en la que di la charla; si podéis, tratad de acudir a la edición del año que viene 🙂 https://estelaoctarina.wixsite.com/oversant