A drawing of Zero two from Darling in the Franxx, and nude version in patreon. She’s a character who has become insanelly popular this season, and while i’m not particulary excited about her, i can see why. She’s a perfect representation of attractive of sexual danger. A girl that you know will cause your ruin but you don’t care. And considering the themes of the serie, this was probably the intention. Check my commission rates if you want stuff like this or support me on patreon for adult content.

Dibujo de Zero two de Darling in the franxx, y versión desnuda en patreon. Es un personaje que se ha vuelto super popular esta temporada, y aunque no soy super fan, puedo ver porque. Es una perfecta representación del atractivo del peligro sexual. Una chica que sabes te causará la ruina pero no te importa.