I finished recently the campaign of Dragon ball z fighter, and i liked Majin 21 very much. The design is very cool and she’s the kind of crazy i like. I also couldn’t help to compare her to K’sara since they have physical similarities, though K’sara is not that crazy. K’sara is a character from my webcomic Monster girls on tour. There’s a nude version of this drawing for patreon supporters.

Acabé hace poco la campaña del Dragon ball z fighters, y me ha gustado bastante la Majin 21. El diseño está muy bien y es el tipo de loca que me gusta. No pude evitar compararla con K’sara dado que tienen similitudes fisicas, aunque K’sara no está tan loca. K’sara es un personaje de mi webcomic Monster girls on tour. Hay una versión desnuda para mecenas en patreon.