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If you have followed my page or my social media, it’ll no secret that i greatly dislike the rework 2017 of Evelynn, a character i’ve been playing as main since the release of League of legends. I’ve done my own interpretation of what i would do for a rework. Of course, if this was a design for an actual game, it would go through brainstorming and revisions, but this is the direction i would like to take her. I would make her spikes to be actually part of her as some kind of carapace, justifying in a way the pinky colors, and also doing the heels as part of her body. The lines of cloth she usually had in her arms, now would be on her back as part of her, and would be used in the same way as Lucy from Elfen lied.

Now, mechanically speaking, it would be a little more complicated. Evelynn has never been a strong character; her “problem” was that she had “anti-fun” mechanics, meaning that her kit made fun to play WITH her, but not AGAINST her. Been attacked by surprise is one of the most disliked things by players of every game on existance. FPS players hate snipers, and players from MMOs like Lineage 2 hate archers and assassins, etc. The reason is that when you’re killed by surprise you’re left totally unsatisfied, since you did nothing to fight against the one who killed you, and that makes you think the character must be op. In truth, characters like Eve or Lineage 2 phantom rangers need to be played carefully to get the surprise and finish the enemy fast, since they would be annihilated in a “fair” fight. But most people in this games are the kind who play easy champions like Yi, Yasuo, Xin zao, etc, who just jump at you and mash all buttons without worring about moving. Those players will always consider unfair that someone can kill them by surprise, even if it’s because they were alone, far from any help, with an adc, in a game with a fed Evelynn. So for as long as Evelynn has stealth mechanics, she’ll always be “anti-fun”, players will always complain and will be very hard to fix.

If it was me, i would change her in a way that would make me (as a company) and pro players very sure that she’s not op and then ignore all of the low players. Personally, i would bring back old Eve; and i mean OLD Eve, the one with complete invisibility. I would make her W be invisibility, but with a long cooldown after becoming visible (and bringing back vision potions); i would keep her old Q, since her spammy Q has always been one of the characteristics of her mechanic, unlike the bullshit they’ve done now. But i would make some tweaks. I would drop the Q damage by a lot, and then for the E, i would make it a nuke (no speed or attack speed or anything) that marks the enemy and lowers their defences. The mark would increase the damage of Q by a lot, but the E would have a very high cooldown. For ultimate i would introduce a kind of “Syndra” ulti, where Eve throws her cloths at an enemy for a number equal to the Qs that have landed that enemy. This would mean that Eve could go invisible, position herself, mark the weakest or most dangerous enemy, nuke it, and then become totally useless until she has W and E again (thus the long cooldowns on both). Also she would be very hard to use if the enemy buys vision potions. This would be a way for her to finally fullfil her role as assassin, mantain her theme, her mechanic, and not be op. Of course this is just something i came up thinking about it a little, but still it’s better than the shit they’ve done now.

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