Comicsgate is a hashtag/controversy born of the injection of identity politics in comics, specially on Marvel where they’re openly shitting on long stablished characters to introduce minorities and women in their place, instead of creating new characters with those characteristics. Things seem to have escalated after several people in the industry conspired to get a comic critic beaten at a convention, as well as taking his channel down and fired from his job.

Someone created some mascot for the movement but aparently many people is not happy with her design (me included) so many have asked me to do some kind of character design. Maybe this is different from what people expected, and i don’t know if this would be a sister, villain, rival, good or bad character or whatever, i just had the idea and run with it cause it made her different to what it has already been tried with other internet mascots. Connie Brooks; superhero name undecided.

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Comicsgate es un hashtag/controversia nacida de la inyección de politicas de identidad en los comics, especialmente en Marvel donde directamente destrozan personajes existentes desde hace decadas para introducir en su lugar minorías o mujeres, en vez de crear personajes nuevos con esas caracterisicas. Las cosas han escalado tras que varios miembros de la industria conspiraran para darle una paliza a un critico de comics y que fuese despedido de su trabajo.