Appabend is a youtuber i follow; he talks about videogames, waifus and politics, which is always a good combination. He tweeted something about a genderbend of him and i thought it was a drawing but it was nothing, but then i couldn’t help to think how i would draw a genderbend of him. In the end i couldn’t take it out of my mind, so here’s him as a she xD. Check my commission rates if you want stuff like this or support me on patreon for adult content.

Appabend es un youtuber que sigo; habla sobre videojuegos, waifus y politica, cosas que siempre combinan bien. Twiteo algo sobre un genderbend suyo y pensé que era un dibujo, pero no era nada, pero entonces no pude evitar pensar como le haría en chica. Al final no me lo pude quitar de la cabeza, así que aquí esta él como ella xD