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I finished Kemono Friends recently because i was baffled at how a kids show was getting so insanelly popular, to the point is the most watched anime of this year. It’s complicated to explain why, because IT IS indeed a kids show, with infantile situations and very simple characters; but at the same time, the setting is very misterious and with a dark undertone. You find yourself trying to unveil what has happened in that world, and each episode gives you a little more info without anyone actually explaining anything, which is actually a very good narrative. The characters are stupid, VERY stupid, but at the same time that makes it even more atractive, because you know they’re in a very fucked up situation but they are unaware of it and act all happy and childish. You end up feeling attached to those poor retards who just act in the way they would do if they where full animals.

It’s a pitty this was a kids show, because if it was done seriously, with an adult tone, it would be, at last, the Monster girls show i’ve been wantng for eons, instead of all the hundred funless “daily life with” versions we have. Be as it may, the characters are insanelly popular, so i’ll be drawing some of them in my own style and with a more “monster girl” touch, since in the anime most of their design is composed of clothes, while they’re mostly human.

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