This year i plan on releasing a physical version of Monster girls on tour to sell in events in Spain. This i’ll probably sell because i go to a lot of events. But i have my doubts about doing an english version, because i don’t go to those events and i would relly on online sells only. I don’t know if there’s enough of a fanbase to take the risk in buying a bach of comics i may never sell. Maybe i could do one of those kickstarter campaigns and only do it if i reach the goal money, but i don’t know how that stuff works.

For starters i would like to check with my supporters, if there would be enough interest about an english physical version of the comic. My plan is to do it about 150 pages and sell it for 4 or 5 euro (that’s about 5-7 dolars i think), and also it will contain some exclusive pages that will not be on the webcomic version. Some of them i will post here for Tier 1+ patreon supporters, but some others will not be published anywhere except the physical version. I’m also considering of asking other artists for art exchanges and put their pages in the physical comic only.

So, would you buy a physical version of Monster girls on tour?

I’ll add a third option for “too expensive”, although 4-5 euro for 150 pages is not expensive at all. Mangas of that size in Spain cost arround 7-10 euro. But it may give me an idea of people interested but not at that cost.

Would you buy a physical version of Monster girls on tour?

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