Asura Race


The Asuras are a race of humanoid with red skin, 3 heads and 6 arms. They belong to the Deva species.

In the East Continets there is a powerful monster species called Devas, which are divided in three races: the Yakshas (Earth Devas), the Rakshasas (Underworld Devas) and Asura (Celestial Devas). The Asura, in particular, are considered the most powerful: they have a special affinity with the Essence, which they can manifest as a golden aura that boosts their already considerable strenght, resilience and speed. The most skilled of Asuras can also use this aura to float and can even materialize it to create weapons and armours.

However, Asura are also well known for their incredible pride, selfishness and short temper: in ancient times they could’t collaborate with each other to save their own life, because everyone thought to be superior to everyone else. Also, because often one of their head felt superior to the others, they couldn’t even unlock their true strenght. Because of this, their civilization was very primitive until humans arrived. These humans, while much weaker than the Asuras, had very strong monks with a culture of discipline and self control, and shared their wisdom with the Asuras. The Asuras then managed to control their instincts and work toghether as a race, while collaborating with the humans that taught them inner peace. They also learned how to train their control of Essence, becoming MUCH stronger in the process.

There are still Asuras that are not willing to control their nature though, but they are banished until they change idea.


Character Info


Name: Raj

Age: 29

Height: 2,48 m

Weight: 120 kg



Imagine the worst kind of toxic MOBA player: smug, boastful, prideful, short tempered, always blaming other for their percieved mistakes, with a huge superiority complex and extremely competitive. This is Raj main trait. She has no patience, she try to take the merit of everything going right while shifting the blame always on someone else, she is foul mouthed and can’t cooperate for shits.
This is the personality of her central head though… because each one of her heads has a different one.

The right head is calm, collected and logic, while also being bitter, envious of Center’s control over the body and generally a prick. She rarely speak apart from snarky remarks, and she usually don’t care anything.

The left head is cheerful, joyous and carefree, and she is also the kindest of the three… but she is also a total moron and has a very short attention span.

Also, on a side note, the right head is a lesbian, the left is straight and the center is bisex.


History: Exiled from her people because she refused to control herself, Raj wandered from land to land, never staying too much in one place because no one can stand her personality. She eventually ended up in Robukan.


Powers and Abilities: As an Asura, Raj is very strong and resilient, but because of her split personality between the heads, she is also very clumsy and not coordinated at all. She also can’t use her Essence control.
However, should someone manage to piss off all 3 heads at the same time, they’d be in for a world of hurt: when all the heads are focused, Raj can use the Essence to gain the Celestial Aura, becoming really, REALLY strong (Asura’s Wrath strong). [insert Super Sayan joke here]

In her Celestial Form, Raj can fly, she can shatter hills with a punch and she is so resistant that most attacks would just bounce off her. She still can’t use Weapon Materialization (she didn’t have the training for it).
However, since the right head usually don’t give a fuck and the left one is so airheaded, getting them focused on one task is almost impossible.