tina tonas p

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Tina Tonas is a character from the spanish comic Pafman. Pafman was one of my favourite comics as a child, and probably my favourite spanish comic. It’s an absurd humor comic about the most powerful superhero in the city of Logroño (Spain), Pafman, and his partner Pafcat. The author stoped doing the comics and i forgot about them until i recently discovered he started doing them again so i bought them. Tina is the niece of Pafman; she’s kind of a parody of a Mary sue character, with the other characters commonly making comments about how tiring it is that she knows how to do everything, in the same line as my Ryuko from my Monster girls on tour comic.

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Tina Tonas es un personaje del comic español Pafman. Pafman era uno de mis comics favoritos de niño, y probablemente mi comic español favorito. Es un comic de humor absurdo sobre el mas poderoso supereheroe de Logroño (España), Pafman, y su compañero Pafcat. El autor dejo de hacer los comics y me olvide de ello, pero recientemente he descubierto que empezó a hacerlos de nuevo así que los he comprado. Tina es la sobrina de Pafman; es basicamente una parodia de una Mary sue, con los otros personajes comentando comunmente lo cansino que es que ella sepa hacer todo, en la linea de mi Ryuko de mi comic Monster girls on tour.