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A commission of a comic page about Angry videogame nerd and Ghostbusters. For those who don’t know the story, Angry videogame nerd did a video stating his reasons to not go see Ghostbusters 2016. Since Sony (and the feminists) is trying to save the movie by claiming that every single person who doesn’t like it is a misogynist, he got attacked by the media and feminist hordes.

Comisión de una pagina de comic sobre Angry videogame nerd y Ghostbusters. Para los que no sepan la historia, Angry videogame nerd hizo un video con sus razones para no ir a ver Ghostbusters 2016. Dado que Sony (y el feminismo) están tratando de salvar la pelicula clamando que toda persona a la que no le guste es un misogino, fue atacado por los medios y las hordas feministas.