By Chargerbot


Race name: Ja’Zhuul

Character names(pick whichever one you like): K’triita, Jhe’Kriil, Haa’jhiik, et cetera

-.91m/3ft (infant) to 6.09m/20ft(adult)

-The blade-like appendages that consist of their upper pair of arms are made of an extremely strong metallic substance. It is capable of slicing through most armor.

Diet: completely carnivorous.

Activity: Mostly nocturnal, solitary

Sentience: Questionable. (All based on personal preference, make her as civilized or savage as you want)

Weight: 54.43 kg/120lb (infant) to 3,628 kg/8,000lb(adult)

Mentality: Ja’Zhuul is somewhat tactical, but a highly savage fighter. They are curious of new species above all else, and will often relentlessly pursue something they haven’t seen before just to get a closer look. They are normally docile when they are not hunting for prey.

Habitat: Dense rain forests

Hunted?: Yes, but certain ones may be domesticated as well.

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