Monster girl- BASILISK

This monster girl has a female human torso, but her hands are actually chicken claws, with chicken feathers covering her upper arms; and her lower body, instead of having legs, has a snake tail.

However, her most unusual characteristic is the fact that, every time someone has interacted in some way with the basilisk, her eyes have always been seen completely covered. No one knows why the basilisk always hides her look from the world. There are rumors that say that the basilisk has the power the power to cause death with a single glance, and that it is the reason why she always maintains her eyes away from other sentient beings. But nobody has ever been able to see her looking at anything with her eyes uncovered, so there are no proofs of this. Or at least, nobody has ever been able to see it and then tell anyone if it was true or not. The only truth known till today is that under no circumstances will she take off her blindfold and let the world see the secret of her eyes.

by Boredoftryy