by Brodie watters

Species: Undahl (Pronounced Un-doll)

Pictured form: this is the most common form of an Undahl being similar to a young woman but with a body made of a patchwork mess of fabrics and other materials to make their bodies until they can find enough to have to repatch their whole body with one material; until then they resemble a Frankenstein’s monster of discarded old clothes and unused sewing material, despite their lack of anatomy until fully ‘matured’ they still try to have some decency.

Racial Traits: +3 Charisma, +2 Wisdom, +4 Constitution, -3 Strength.


Undahls start their ‘lives’ as small plush objects (often discarded dolls) and gain a sort of desire to live as a forlorn sprit takes refuge inside their stitching, they will then wander the lands in search of new materials to add to their body in an attempt to make themselves humanoid, as they ‘mature’ by adding to their bodies by absorbing more material and shaping themselves more humanoid they become more intelligent from their exposer to contact with other monsters; this often allows the Undahls to learn the art of the silver tongue to help them acquire materials, they also tend to shape their bodies based on their company which usually means an attractive humanoid form.


When it comes to survival Undahls rely mostly on their wits and try to talk their way out of a situation as their bodies; no matter how refined, are still a patchwork collage of fabrics that can easily been torn or ripped or even burnt, this doesn’t mean Undahls are totally defenceless though as they tend to carry the needles and other tools they use to repair themselves, speaking of repairing themselves; so long as their heart and head remain intact the can eventually piece themselves back together and once they do they often hunt down the being responsible for tearing them us so bad in the first place, I’ll leave the graphic details up to your imagination.


One final note on the social interactions one may have with Undahls; depending on how ‘mature the Undahl is their reactions will change, when they are still small and just beginning to build themselves they will avoid any and all contact with other beings to protect themselves as they are like squishy baby sea turtles in this form (weird comparison I know but its accurate), soon after this stage when they are more humanoid and resemble a young child-preteen they will start trying to meet people and learn how things work in the world around them; this is when they tend to form perosnalities and build their forms to resemble the more influential beings they have met up till now, and finally maturity when the Undahl looks very humanoid (usually) and has a much more defined personality often reflected in their attire and body, now the Undahl will attempt to either strike a deal with local merchants sung their bodies for more material or they will settle down and try their luck at owning a business of their own, again product of environment and circumstance.