This is an idea that came up in a recent hangout i did, and i would want to share it with GG for advice and to see if people find it a good idea. It’s not related to any drama or “what GG should do” or anything like that, it’s an idea for a project i think relates with GG.

Ok, the thing is, one of the positive consecuences of GG for me, is that thanks to people in it i have found videogames that i knew nothing about, that were reviewed in a very bad light for reasons that had nothing to do with their quality as games, but instead with “sexism” and stuff like that (like Bayonetta 2 and Polygon), and thus have become unknown to the general public. Some examples i can think right now are “Conception 2”, that was reviewed badly because it was acused of promoting “eugenesia” because a game mechanic (and also is a harem game), or the Witch and the Hundred Knight, wich received some bad reviews because the main character is politicaly incorrect, or the Senran kagura games, highly criticized for their sexual content.

I think it would be very interesting if GG started to give this kind of games some publicity. I think it would be interesting if we had some place where people could do reviews or recomendations of games that received bad reviews despite being good games, because of social justice, sexism, etc. But, i’m a total noob when it comes to internet, i just have a personal wordpress, and i don’t know of places where this could be done, or how. Do you know of somewhere where we could do this? do you think it’s a good idea? do you know games in that situation? I think it relates to GG and would be a good project because it does something positive to counter what the gaming press has been doing this years.

And yes, my english is awful.