Milo Yiannopoulos is a british columnist at Breitbart who has been supporting Gamergate this last months. He’s not only famous because of what he says, but also because of his sudden change into blonde hair at the same time he went to a TV panel to disscuss feminists and gave the marvelous “sorry, i’m talking about men, darling” response, wich gave him the status of the gamergate super saiyan.

He’s not the only super saiyan to talk bad about feminists, my character Cerely has also something to say

cerely F



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Milo Yiannopoulos es un columnista britanico en Breitbart que ha venido apoyando a Gamergate estos meses. No solo es famoso por lo que escribe sino por su repentino cambio a pelo rubio al tiempo que fue a un debate televisibo contra feministas, en el que dijo su mítica frase “sorry, i’m talking about men, darling” que le dio el estatus del super saiyan de gamergate