Slazs are a humanoid monster race that lives on Potoka. They are aquatic reptiles with amphibian qualities; they can breathe underwater and theirskin is similar to amphibians, but their overall form is of a humanoid reptile, with reptile head, a long tail, claws, and green skin, and they also have feathers. They originally lived on the close island of Lars, but years ago the island was completely destroyed and infestated by Leviazan; an infestation that continues today, so they started to live on Potoka while planning a returning crusade. But with time, the younger members started to merge with humans and lost interest in the Rakunda bring it on colorcrusade. Some say that something was lost on that exodus that creates a barrier between the old and the young of that race (slazs grow at a fast rater rate than humans so there’s many slazs born after the exodus with age to be hunters). Whatever the case it seems slazs pre and post leviazan have different viewpoints on integration; the youngest ones are open minded and excited on merging with other races, easily making team with them, but the old ones don’t like those relationships with humans, only making them on necessity, and having prejudice against many humanoid monster races. It’s particulary relevant their uncomprehensible hate for the Salamanders. The slazs won’t explain why they do it, but the old slazs hate salamanders with a passion. Some theorize that i may be some ancient grudge born even before those two races began to populate Robukan. Some people even think there’s something dark and secret about them and the Leviazan. That wouldn’t be so problematic if slazs couldn’t live for hundreds of years.

Slazs are physically stronger than humans, even the smaller castes (they are divided by caste) are stronger than the average human, and the warrior caste can be even 3 meters or more tall and four times the strength of a human, although this caste is less intelligent than humans. Slazs are not very open about their caste system (they have a lot of secrets), but their appear to have a clear warrior caste, who uses Ice element, and some kind of noble caste, who use Water element, and are regarded with more respect. There seem to be more castes, and some have been seen using Wind element, but details are unknown.

Their culture seems to be very tribal, when they are not in armor they wear very simple clothes made of plants or animal parts, and also put on tattoos and paintings. There’s little info on their inside culture and structure, but it’s known that every slaz, at some point of his youth, acquires and obsession with something for the rest of his life. For some slazs is something as simple as cooking, for others is hunting, whatever it is, they become obsessed with doing it and doing it right.

Sexual interaction with other races it’s possible, but nothing is born from it, and besides they don’t seem to be interested on mating with humans or humanoids. There are a few cases of romantic relationship in some of the young and curious ones, but are very scarce.

Some notorious slazs are the guild hunter Rakshasa and the badmouthed Rakunda, from Potoka village, and the mercenary Lizard from Monster girls on tour.