OfidesOfides are a very extended and integrated race of humanoid monsters, at least when it comes to females. Male and female of this species are totally different, males are a kind of lizardmans; very big and strong, brown skin, with some extensions emulating hair, a snake tail and sometimes actual hair; their neck grow below the human standard and usually points down, they seem unable to move it up a certain point. Females are like human females, but with reptilian eyes, long and pointy nails, and some small scales on different parts of their bodies. They have hair but it grows on a particular way that, combined with their traditional hairstyles, and greenish colors, makes them easily recognizable as ofides, unless they want to hide their appearance.

This close appearance to humans made easy for female ofides to talk with humans or walk into villages unnoticed; since it’s completely normal for a hunter to wear a helmeted or hooded armor even in villages, to increase his affinity, guards don’t ask to remove them unless you break some law. So one way or another, ofides became very much integrated on most populations, and it’s common to see them on the streets of many villages (but curiously enough, they have very little presence in Potoka). Some of them survive even on imperial lands, hiding their features.

There seems to be small differences in ofides from each land, the same as humans. Ofides are original from the Lakota area, and they share the kind of native American culture humans have there, but ofides from Asmara have a more reddish skin tone and tolerance to heat, while the ones on the east or close to the north have a more blue skin and resistance to cold, either way ofides have affinity with the wind element, and some of these variations may be related to the air currents in each land.

Breeding between ofides and humans its possible, offspring’s are similar to a female ofide, males of half-ofides are easily recognizable for obvious ofidesreasons. Females are sometimes difficult to recognize as half-ofides, but they usually have features a little more human, like different hair, or human eyes, etc. Anyways, ofide females usually prefer the appearance of their males over the more humanoid forms (which makes slazs attractive to them), and while ofide males are attracted to human forms (they are similar to their own females), it is unlikely that a human woman could have a sexual relationship with a male ofide without harm, the bodies of the female ofides are naturally prepared for them.

Some relevant ofides are: Zana, an incomplete half-ofide, member of the Supreme team in Guild adventure; Luna, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury from the Serpentine guild in Monster girls on tour.