Humans are by far the most common humanoid race in Robukan, and they control most of the best habitable areas, with a few exceptions. Also, most humanoid monsters races are either nomadic or solitary or are integrated and live on human villages, so there are very few monster villages and they are small. Most of the life on Robukan is made on human controlled territory and by their laws, starting with the Guild system, which humanoid creatures have to respect if they want to live on human lands.

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They are exactly the same as a real human, except for the essence. While most monsters have affinity with the same element as a whole race, humans can have affinity with any element, decided by genetics. So, four humans in the same village can have each of them affinity for a different element, decided the moment they were born. Their only problem is to discover what element is that, by trial and error (although usually it’s the same element as one of your parents). On Guild adventure, the twins Reika and Leika have both fire affinity, while Rago’s element is unknown.

While there’s a lot of humans villages with their own particularities, there’s five types of humans depending on the land they come from.

-Lakota humans: Humans from the western regions close to Lakota are similar to our native Americans, they have darker skin and have a more nomadic culture than other lands; also they are very famous for their archer skills. These humans are very integrated with the race of the Ofides, since it’s the homeland of these creatures, and have mixed feelings for Arachnes, but are not very friendly with Salamanders, since they had a hard first contact.

-Asmara humans: This humans are similar to our Sahara desert humans, they are adapted to hot environments and accustomed to train creatures to help them, and to trade. They do whatever they must to survive their hard environment, so they maintain relations with almost any race, but at the same time they see them mostly as tools or clients, not truly someone to interact with; they have disdain for most non humanoid races, even if they cooperate, and they can very very racist against Incompletes. They are the ones who maintain a better relationship with salamanders, and have many ofides inflitrated in their cities, but their arachnes are somehow aggressive and not allowed in the cities.

This is the land where the “Monster villa” and the “Serpentine Guild” are located, being thus the home of the majority of characters in Monster girls on tour.

-Nion pa humans: Humans from the eastern isles are similar to east Asians; they are very good fishers and swimmers and make many commerce by sea. They have little problem with most of races, but that may also be because not many races reach the islands, so their contact is usually scarce and fast, not a real integration. The only really integrated race is the arachnes, who are respected for their faithful labor helping humans against monsters.

This is the land where Ryuko was born.

-Imperial humans: Humans from the northern empire are trained as soldiers instead of hunters; they have little monsters to hunt and their society is still stagnated on the old war times, mostly like Russia. They are hard people who know how to fight; every one of them takes a military training in their youth, and are also somehow close minded. They don’t maintain a relationship with any humanoid monster race other than dwarves, and even hunt some of them down, but they also don’t maintain relationships with almost any other humans, except some Nion pa traders.

This is the land where Belafor and Balmung came from.

-Potoka humans: There are some villages on the light strait and the midle coast, but the most relevant one is Potoka. It’s one of the biggest and more important villages in Robukan, one of the best defended and with more hunters. It’s a place for rest in travels and for commerce, as well as an excellent hunting ground with a very honorable Guild; home of one of the legendary hunters and the last stand of the Leviazan. So, the village has a constant flux of people of any kind, having integrated almost any kind of humanoid, including one that only lives there, the slazs. People in potoka is similar to people from Hawaii or similar islands, some carefree people who likes to enjoy life and doesn’t hate anyone for their race, sexuality, etc.

It’s also the home of Reika and Leika, and the main village on the story of Guild adventure.