Dwarves on Robukan are like the average anime fantasy dwarf, with sturdy males and childlike females; but there’s a difference, this ones are divided into two bodies, dwarf and pixie. Every dwarf have a pixie that is part of him on body and mind, in fact it’s seems to be a representation of their inner thoughts and true personality, while the dwarf act as a normal person, the pixie can only act as the dwarf truly feels and thinks about something. That makes very difficult for a dwarf to lie or hide its intentions, and it’s one of the reasons people trust them, even if sometimes is irritating to have a pixie talking bad about you in your face, and it’s a disadvantage in commerce.

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Even so, dwarves are a wealthy race, they make a lot of profit building equipment for the hunters, as only they can create essence armors and weapons, so they don’t really need to be good on commerce, they are completely necessary for society. Also, there’s never more than one or two families of dwarves in the same village; they seem to agree between them on this and new dwarves often travel to another villages or try to fund new ones. Sometimes when a family becomes too big, the youngest create an expedition with voluntaries to fund a new village somewhere, and many people join them, as being a personal friend of a dwarf in a new village has many advantages. Dwarves don’t breed too much anyways, and also mating with other species produces nothing, but no one knows that, as there’s no registered case of a dwarf mating with other race; their duplicated mind it’s just to different for them to like someone without a pixie.

They are the only race of humanoid monster allowed in the empire, because of their ability. They are looked at with disdain, but as there’s few of them, no imperial would put a hand on them, regardless of what they think. Dwarfs have affinity with the earth element.

Potoka has a couple of dwarf called Rotoka and Kotoka, who named themselves as the village following some dwarf tradition.